Ample Power For All Uses                             

Coachella Cann Park has grid tied power from Imperial Irrigation District (IID). IID is the lowest energy provider in the Coachella Valley and does not have any demand charges or a tiered billing structure. This makes Coachella Cann Park the most cost-effective project in the entire Coachella Valley.


Lowest City Taxes For This Project ONLY 

The developers at Coachella Cann Park have a special city tax approved for only their project. The rate will consist of 2% of gross or $8.00 per/sf (flowing space only). The lower rate of the two shall be applicable to your space.

Class A Construction

Our light deprivation greenhouse buildings will utilize best-in-class standards. Employing the patent pending systems of Next G3N Buildings, the light deprivation buildings will provide proven, engineered framing, with multiple curtain shading systems and fully built out head houses in the purchase of a building or condominium. Tenants will lease a turn-key space with all growing systems in place, including roll benches, hydronic heating, fertigation system, environmental controls, and a built-out head house included.


Supportive Local Government 

Since first allowing cannabis businesses to operate in the City in 2016, Coachella has demonstrated that they have a vert cannabis friendly City Council and City staff who are willing to work with businesses to navigate through all the entitlement, permit and licensee processes. Coachella has established partnerships with cannabis networks that promote cannabis advocacy and education to cannabis businesses and is poised to attract more businesses with this professional respect for many years to come


Complimentary Licensing Consultant

CCP offers buyers and tenants free consulting with a local expert with the latest information and insight into obtaining City cannabis licensing. The consultant will provide a roadmap for the preparation of your documentation, organization of the package, submittal to the City authorities in order to streamline your efforts and save time, money, and efforts.